The Role of Jatropha Oil to Overcome Energy Crisis and Support Current Infrastructure’s Technology to be More Environmentally Concept

Nowadays the provision of fossil fuel as the main source of infrastructure’s energy is limited. The problem faced by my national government is about how to find out an alternative biodiesel to carry out energy crisis in the purpose at prospering the live of citizens. In this case, government’s aim at finding out an alternative biodiesel is not only to prosper the live of citizens but also to support the current technology by environmental base. Therefore the advance invention of jatropha oil as one of the alternative biodiesel hopefully can support government’s effort to tackle down the problem of energy crisis. Among the reasons why jatropha oil can be used to carry out the energy crisis and create infrastructures’ technology to be more environmentally concept are; (1). Jatropha oil is the renewable biodiesel that can replace fossil fuel, (2). It can support current infrastructure’s technology to be more environmentally concept, i.e. transportation, industry and power plant, (3).  From the economical point of view, jatropha oil is very effective both in terms of the production process and the utilization.

Jatropha oil is made of Jatropha curcas tree (castor bean) in the part of its seeds. Jatropha oil can be called as renewable biodiesel since the jatropha curcas tree belongs to the fast growing shrub. It can grow well in the poor quality or infertile soil since it is drought-resistant. It grows in the tropical and subtropical land by optimum temperature of 200-350 Celsius. The production process of jatropha oil covers the drying process of jatropha’s fruit to remove the seeds; the drying seeds process to get 6% of water contents; the separation of seed’s shell done either manually or by using nutcracker; the steam seeds process by 1700 Celsius for 30 minutes, the softening of the seeds; the screw press process to get jatropha oil and the refining process of jatropha oil to produce biodiesel. In fact there are some companies in my country that deals with the production of jatropha oil biodiesel supported by Agricultural Research and Development Institution and some expert scientists from leading University i.e. IPB (Bogor Agricultural Institute). In this case, I believe that jatropha oil biodiesel will be very effective to tackle down the energy crisis since the jatropha curcas tree is very potential to produce much more biodiesel product rather than other biodiesel resource i.e. copra, CPO oil and spent frying oil.

As the alternative biodiesel, jatropha oil can also support current infrastructure’s technology to be more environmentally concept mainly towards transportation, industry and power plant technology. The main purpose of using jatropha oil biodiesel in transportation and power plant technology is related to the reduction of greenhouse gas emission that often caused by the high concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) as the waste product of fossil fuel combustion in many vehicles, factories and power plant stations. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is categorized as one of the highest potential gas that causes greenhouse gas emission among the other dangerous greenhouse gases. Therefore, jatropha oil biodiesel can be the best alternative fuel in terms of overcoming global warming that caused by greenhouse gas emission since it only contains low emission concentration of greenhouse gases i.e. Sulfur (SOX), Nitrogen (NOX), and Carbon. Besides, the jatropha curcas tree can be used as reforestation plant in the purpose of reducing the greenhouse gas emission.

In the economical point of view, the production process and the use of jatropha oil as the alternative biodiesel is very efficient to increase the citizen’s and country’s prosperity. In this case, if the farmer is allowed to plant and cultivate jatropha curcas tree in their own land, they can earn much money from the jatropha curcas seeds production. Moreover, since the other parts of the tree can be used as the media for breeding the silkworm, the farmers can gain much more money. In the other side, the planting of one million hectare jatropha curcas tree on marginal land will produce 4.3 billion liter of jatropha oil per year which can save government’s money from importing solar for about 12 trillion since for the few recent years the national government in my country has been importing solar as the way to handle energy crisis.

In conclusion, the use of jatropha oil as biodiesel is very effective since it belongs to the renewable biodiesel that is made of the seeds of jatropha curcas tree. Besides that, jatropha oil is very kind towards the environment since its biodiesel product has no big potential in causing greenhouse gas emission. From the economical side, the large production of jatropha oil also supports the national income and citizen’s prosperity.


Healthy Living without Smoking


Smoking is simply defined as an activity of inhaling and exhaling the smoke of lighten cigar or cigarette.  Generally, this activity has been becoming a habit for several people in the middle of our society. Moreover, those who are called as active smoker would rather think that smoking is more fun than jogging without considering its impact towards either their own health or the passive smokers’ nearby. People rarely consider that smoking is a bad habit. Because basically, those who have been taken smoking as their habitual activity (active smoker) would rather think that smoking is the therapy of stress feeling and depression.  In this case, contradict with the idea of smoking which can be taken as an alternative way to remove stress feeling and depression; I would rather think that smoking is very harmful to our physical and psychological health. Because the tobacco smokes from cigarettes, cigars, and pipes contains over 4,000 chemical compounds and breathable, suspended particles. While in some cases, smoking can cause the emergence of poverty and unproductive population in our society.

Virtually, there are two main actors who involve in smoking activity and they are commonly called as the active smoker and the passive smoker. The active smoker belongs to those who consume cigar or cigarette either in small portion or in big portion, while the passive smokers are the people who inhale the tobacco smoke. Passive smoker tend to be more easily infected by dangerous disease which is caused by tobacco smoke from cigar or cigarette. Tobacco smoke contains over 4,000 chemical compounds in which 200 are poisonous and other 43 types are very carcinogen towards our body.  The chemical compound which is produced by tobacco smoke consists of 85% component of gas and particles. The components of gas include ammonia, arsenic, benzene, cadmium, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, lead, mercury, naphthalene, urethane, and a variety of nitrosamines (potent human carcinogens), while the particles are tar, nicotine, and cresol. Here are brief explanations about how could those poisonous substance affects our body.

  1. 1. Nicotine. This chemical substance has a potential of rising blood pressure, destructing blood circulation which finally causing heart attack. Nicotine is also categorized as an incentive drug which causes the addiction and dipsomania.  The amount of 4-6 mg nicotine inhaled by adult everyday can cause the addiction towards the user.
  2. 2. Lead (Pb). It can be produced by a piece of cigarette at the rate of 0.5 ug, while the limit number of lead which can be accepted by our body in one day is 20 ug. If a person inhales about 40 cigarettes (2 packages) per one day, they will have more than 20 ug of lead inside their body in which finally can harm their health. Because lead is categorized as one of the dangerous chemical substance towards human’s body.
  3. 3. Carbon monoxide (CO). The carbon monoxide found in tobacco smoke is the same as in car’s exhaust system. It is colorless and odorless gas which interfere our body’s mechanical system in making use of oxygen that we inhale to fuel our cells. Normally, oxygen binds to our red blood cells by attaching hemoglobin. When we smoke, carbon monoxide attaches to our body, and deactivates these red blood cells from fuelling our body. Basically, the number of carbon monoxide is far less than hemoglobin in our red blood cell. However, if we still keep smoking tobacco product, the great number of hemoglobin will be replaced by carbon monoxide. Up to ten percent of our body’s hemoglobin can be deactivated when we are smoking. This is how smoking can affect our stamina and athletic ability. The increased level of carbon monoxide in our red blood cells means less supply of oxygen in our brain. Fortunately, our body is able to eliminate the carbon monoxide quickly. Therefore, by quitting from smoking in few days, we can have our stamina reformed and become more energetic than before.
  4. 4. Tar. Tar is the set of thousands chemical substances inside the solid component of tobacco smoke and it is very carcinogen. The characteristic of this chemical substance is dark colored and easily to retain or settle in the large amount in our organ. It delivers nicotine to our lungs. When tobacco smoke is inhaled, most of the tar are retained for a while in the mucous lining of the lungs and then mostly distributed to our body. Tar is also retained in oral cavity in the form of solid steam. After it is being cold, it become solid and it shapes brown sediment on the surface of our teeth, respiratory canal, and lungs. After years of smoking, the sedimentation of tar in our lungs can cause tobacco-related disease. If we consume alcohol and cigarette at the same time, more carcinogens in the tobacco smoke are dissolved into the bloodstream because alcohol is a very effective solvent.

The active smokers also have the tendency of loosing their antibody’s substances. Because, the direct effect of tobacco smoke causes the irritation of gums. When tobacco product, e.g. nicotine enters to our body throughout bloodstream and saliva; the gums, the tooth membrane, the tooth semen, and the bone where the teeth are planted turn out to be destroyed because the nicotine interferes the normal function of antibody’s mechanism towards the infection and stimulates our body to destroy the healthy tissues nearby.  Therefore, there is the reduction of antibody’s substance in saliva which is used to neutralize the bacteria inside of oral cavity. The further impact is that, antibody’s cell can not eat the bacteria until it looses its sensibility toward the alteration surrounding and also the infection.

For some recent years, scientists had proven that the chemical substances of tobacco smoke affect the other peoples nearby who aren’t smoking. The passive smokers would rather have risk to be infected by lungs cancer disease and coronary heart attack. Moreover, inhaling tobacco smoke from active smokers will also affect those who suffer asthma, angina (the painful of thorax/chest as the constriction of heart blood vessel), and allergy. The indications of health nuisance which are caused by inhaling tobacco smoke are; eyes irritation, nausea, dizziness, sore throat, cough, and asthma. The pregnant woman, who smokes or becomes the passive smoker, distributes poisonous chemical compounds of tobacco smoke to the fetus throughout blood circulation. Nicotine accelerates the heart beat of the fetus, while carbon monoxide reduces the supply of oxygen for the fetus. Children whose parents are the active smoker would rather have more possibility to suffer sore thorax and the infection of ears, nose, and throat.

The Effect of Smoking towards the Social Condition

Smoking and poverty among poor population are the two major things which have close relationship and influence one another. Someone who smokes like everyday has lost their chance to supply the daily needs for their family. In this case, the active smokers from poor family would rather allocate their money to buy 2 packs of cigarette than buying 1 kg of rice or 500 gr of milk for their children. As a result, their children can not grow well and have poor mentality development which finally makes them loose their capacity to live better in the future. Besides that, there is also a possibility for the father to die earlier because of tobacco-related disease. If we let this condition to occur over and over again in our society, we will have long-term crisis of poverty, social-economy, and morality.

In the last recent decades, the consumption of cigarette in Indonesia increases 44.1 % and the number of smoker is 70% of the total populations, 60% of them are the smoker within low salary (Susenas 1995 and 2001). From those data, it is proved that the consumption of cigarette is frequently done by the poor people who have uncertain jobs with low salary. The impact of consuming cigarette among the poor populations will eventually cause the degradation of moral. It can happen because if the consumer of cigarette can not control their habit of smoking, they will tend to spend all their money, even their treasure just for getting one pack or a piece of cigarette. They will do anything including criminal action just to earn some money to buy cigarette. It’s just the same with the drugs consumer who has been in a terrible addiction of heroin, marijuana or morphine in which in this case, they will tend to do anything to satisfy their needs of those kinds of drugs.

The habitual of smoking will be rarely done among the population of developed country, because mostly people in the developed country are much aware about the negative impact of smoking towards their health and the people’s nearby. The government of developed country has successfully socialized about the negative impact of smoking and how smoking affects health and environment. In the developed country, the presentation of active smoker tends to decrease continuously and now it is only about 30% of age men who have smoking habit. People in developed country like USA, Japan, Germany and UK, also consider cigarette as the main factor which causes death, dangerous disease, and disability. However the greatest account of the active smoker found in developed country are mostly also come from the lower class family.

From WHO’s report entitled “Tobacco and Poverty: A Vicious Cycle”, proved that the most number of smoker came from poor society whose economical and health problems due to smoking addiction. From 1.3 billion of smoker in all over the world, 84% of them come from developing country, such as Indonesia, India, Philippine, Vietnam, and Myanmar. This condition can happen because the lack awareness of the negative impact of smoking among the people in developing country, especially the poor society. Poor people usually lack of knowledge and education because of the restrictiveness of money to pay the school fee either for themselves or their children. Therefore, they only have limited access of information about the danger of smoking.  They will be easily targeted by the tobacco company to consume its product regularly without considering the effects towards their health and their family.

In this case, based on the research of UNICEF in Indonesia, the money that is spent by mostly poor family in one month is about Rp 300,000 – Rp 700,000, and 96% of it, is used to buy daily needs including cigarette. While the allocation of their money to buy cigarette is about Rp 225,000, it means that the income of the poor family are mostly spent to buy cigarette. This phenomenon will probably lead the emergence of the worst condition of poverty and the lack of nutrient in the society.

Here are brief explanation about how smoking affects the economy condition and the lack of nutrient among the poor family:

  1. 1. The addiction of smoking will lead someone to be lack of nutrients in their body. We can imagine if someone who has uncertain jobs and low salary is addicted with cigarette, he will tend to spend mostly his salary just for buying one pack or two packs of cigarette a day. For example, those whose job is a beggar, they will spend Rp 7,500 from their total income Rp 10,000 a day just to get one pack of cigarette. Then, finally they will only have Rp 2,500 to buy some foods or other daily needs. If we think it logically, what will we get from Rp 2,500 except some foods which only satisfy once or maybe two times of eating meals a day? By Rp 2,500 probably we will only get one pack of rice completed with side dish such as tempe or soya bean and a glass of water. Therefore, if this condition is being kept by the beggars, eventually their body will lack of nutrient from food that they usually consume. Because basically our body needs the balance of nutrition and mineral substance to keep our antibody from dangerous disease.
  2. 2. The addiction of smoking will lead someone to do criminal action. Those whose salaries are low, they have tendency to do anything to gain much more money just to get one pack of cigarette. For example, if someone’s salary is Rp 10,000 a day, while they have to consume two packs of cigarette which costs Rp 15,000, of course they will seek for some money either they have to find some side jobs or they have to steal and rob the bank or other persons’ money. Actually, this kind of phenomenon is frequently happens in the society especially among the poor people.
  3. 3. The addiction of smoking will lead someone to be poorer than before. We can imagine if someone has enough salary to supply their daily needs while they are addicted of smoking, of course sooner or later they will spend much money to examine their illness because of smoking. Based on the explanation above that by consuming cigarette regularly, our body will be easily infected by the tobacco-related disease such as lungs cancer, coronary heart attack, and many other dangerous diseases caused by tobacco smoke. We all know that the cost of having those kinds of diseases to be cured is very expensive.

The Impact of Smoking toward Human’s Productivity and Behaviors

The smoking habit can be owned by someone because of some factors. Based on the research of UNICEF, someone can have the smoking habit because of:

  1. 1. Genetic factor. For example: if a father is the active smoker, there will be a possibility for his children to imitate his smoking habit.
  2. 2. Personality factor. For example: if someone feels depress because of their jobs, they will have possibility to remove their feeling by smoking. This phenomenon is frequently happen among the age man.
  3. 3. Social factor. Someone can have smoking habit because of the influence from their friends nearby.
  4. 4. Psychodynamic factor. Those who loose their happiness will also have tendency to do smoking. Because they would rather think that smoking is more fun than watching movie.
  5. 5. Enjoying the sensation of smoking. Those who smoke mostly feel proud and enjoy of having smoking.
  6. 6. Pharmacological factor. Nicotine which is produced by tobacco smoke has great potential of stimulating someone to be addicted with cigarette.

What we can analyze from those six factors which make someone to have smoking habit is that mostly of those factors come from other people’s smoking habit. It means that someone who is an active smoker will tend to have the behavior of influencing someone else to follow their habit. The significant influence of smoking towards the productivity of human’s body can be seen from the way the active smoker behaves in the society. Normally, those who have smoking habit, they tend to be weaker and powerless in doing many kind of activities. Some say that they feel difficult to be focused on their work before smoking. It can happens because their smoking habit lead them to inhale carbon dioxide in great number which finally it disturb the operation of oxygen in red blood cell to fuel the whole cells in our body. Imagine if our body is filled with carbon monoxide, we will finally lack the supply of oxygen which is the fuel of our body, because, if we want to do something, what we need is the fuel to produce energy.

Smoking also influences our behavior. Because when someone is addicted with cigarette, they tend to rely on smoking when doing something. Someone who becomes the active smoker would rather have unconditional emotion than those who do not smoke. They will loose their spirit if they do not smoke. Those who are usual with smoking, will be easily suffer stress and depression because the influence of carbon monoxide in their brain. Based on the explanation above, the high level of carbon monoxide in our red blood cell will directly disturb the needs of oxygen in the blood circulation to our brain.

In conclusion, there are so many dangerous impacts which we can get from smoking activity. Besides we will get dangerous tobacco-related disease such as lungs cancer and coronary heart attack, we will also have serious problems in managing our emotional and psychological condition. Furthermore, the large consumption of cigarette will only cause poverty and the lack of nutrient toward the society especially those poor families. Therefore, government should be more aware and care about the danger of smoking. Some ways that can be applied to reduce the number of smoker are by doing campaign of anti smoking and by giving socialization about the danger of smoking activity towards our health and environment. Hopefully our government would ratify the Frame Work Convention on Tobacco Control in order our country Indonesia would be the regional leader in the action of tobacco control.


“ Rukun Agawe Santoso, Crah Agawe Bubrah…”
Adalah semboyan dari Baha Jawa yang berarti “ Kerukunan akan Membawa Kedamaian dan Ketenangan, sedangkan Perpecahan Hanya akan Menimbulkan Kerusakan.” Semboyan inilah yang pada Era Reformasi sekarang kurang begitu melekat dalam diri pribadi masyarakat Bangsa Indonesia, terutama masyarakat yang bertempat tinggal di kota besar atau metropolitan. Sebagian besar dari masyarakat kota besar yang merupakan golongan borjuis menghuni kompleks perumahan yang mewah, berkelas, dan sangat megah. Karena saking mewah dan megahnya sampai-sampai nyaris tanpa ada tegur sapa antar tetangga, terlebih lagi dengan rakyat kecil yang hanya sekedar berjualan di sudut-sudut kompleks atau yang menjajakan dagangannya dengan berkeliling. Kerukunan antar warga masyarakat kota besar sebagian besar memang kurang begitu erat terjalin, terutama antara kaum borjuis dengan kaum proletar (rakyat kecil). Sehingga karena kurangnya sosialisasi antar sesama mereka menjadi narrow minded, berwawasan sempit serta kurang peka terhadap permasalahan yang terjadi di lingkungan sekitar maupun informasi penting lainnya. Namun, kondisi ketidakharmonisan seperti ini dapat diatasi dengan mudah oleh masyarakat Yogyakarta dan Jawa Tengah dengan eksistensi warung-warung angkringan (berasal dari Bahasa Jawa “Angkring” yang berarti duduk santai). Warung yang biasa terdapat di pinggir ruas jalan dan sudut-sudut kompleks tempat tinggal penduduk di Jawa Tengah dan Yogyakarta ini, di Solo terkenal dengan sebutan warung “HIK” yang sangat merakyat dan akrab.

“HIK” adalah singkatan dari Hidangan Istimewa Kampung. Di Solo, HIK adalah sebutan bagi warung yang terdiri dari sebuah gerobak dorong dan kursi panjang dari kayu yang menjajakan barbagai macam makanan dan minuman khas istimewa kampung. Seperti wedang jahe (minuman yang terbuat dari sari jahe), teh manis, jeruk, kopi, dan susu. Sedangkan makanannya meliputi nasi kucing, gorengan, camilan yang disebut dengan blanggreng (kripik singkong goreng), renyam, pepes pohung yang terbuat dari singkong, sate usus dan hati ayam, sate telor puyuh dan lain-lain. Versi lain juga menyebutkan bahwa dahulu HIK berasal dari penjual yang menjajakan dagangannya dengan pikulan sambil berseru ”Hik!”. Tak jelas dari mana asal kata HIK. Tapi HIK memang sering diplesetkan menjadi Hidangan Istimewa Kampung.
Kehidupan malam kota Solo memang sangat identik dengan keberadaan warung HIK. Karena warung-warung HIK mulai beroperasi pada jam-jam sore hari hingga menjelang subuh. Seperti halnya warung HIK asuhan Ibu Rosyid yang bermarkas di depan kampus Institut Seni Indonesia (ISI), Surakarta atau lebih dikenal dengan sebutan STSI (Sekolah Tinggi Seni Indonesia) ini mulai beroperasi pada jam 3 sore hingga jam 5 pagi. Warung HIK milik Ibu Rosyid ini dikenal dengan sebutan HIK Kapal 2 karena warung-warung HIK yang mangkal di depan kampus ISI ini sepakat menggunakan kata ”kapal” agar mudah dikenal dan diingat. Ada HIK Kapal 1 hingga HIK Kapal 4 di daerah itu, dan keempat-empatnya sangat ramai oleh para pembeli, khususnya dari kalangan mahasiswa yang biasa kongkow/nongkrong sambil gelar tikar.
Salah satu keistimewaan warung HIK terletak pada suasananya yang begitu tenteram, nyaman dan sangat akrab. Selain hidangan yang tersaji merupakan khas istimewa kampung, pelayanannya terhadap para pembelinya pun juga dengan cara yang khas istimewa kampung. Yaitu dengan seulas senyum dan sapaan manis oleh Sang Bartender(penjaga warung HIK). Para bartender HIK pada umumnya juga memiliki bakat yang unik dan profesional layaknya para bartender di tempat-tempat dugem atau kafe-kafe yang luxury. Mereka sangat berbakat dalam meramu wedang jahe, kopi, teh, dan susu menjadi sebuah minuman dengan rasa yang mantap dan sempurna. Sebut saja kopi jahe, susu jahe, atau kopi susu jahe cita rasanya tak kalah mantap dengan cappucino, espresso, atau moccacino.
Cita rasa mantap dan sempurna di HIK sebenarnya bukanlah terletak pada kelihaian para bartendernya dalam meramu sebuah minuman, namun lebih condong kepada kelihaian bartendernya dalam meramu suasana hingar bingar HIK sekental dan sehangat kopi susu jahe. Keremangan cahaya petromaks, kursi kayu panjang, beberapa tikar untuk digelar, hidangan khas kampung serta ramuan wedangan (minuman) yang mantap hanyalah sebagai pelengkap kekentalan dan kehangatan suasana warung HIK. Dari kekhasan inilah yang membuat HIK menjadi singgahan ideal untuk dugem, kongkow(nongkrong), mencari teman bahkan jodoh sekalipun juga berita dan informasi terkini seputar kehidupan masyarakat sekitar juga permasalahan dalam negeri seperti politik, ekonomi dan budaya. Pelanggan warung HIK pun tidak kalah serunya, mulai dari kalangan rakyat kecil, mahasiswa, pekerja kantoran, parlente(pengusaha) dan golongan borjuis hingga pejabat sekalipun yang hanya berkenan untuk mampir di HIK meski hanya sekedar minum kopi. Itulah sebabnya HIK disebut sebagai Warung Rakyat.
Ramainya pengunjung di warung HIK juga disebabkan oleh ekonomisnya harga hidangan yang dijual. Hanya dengan merogoh kantong sebesar 3000 perak saja, Anda sudah bisa menikmati sebungkus nasi kucing dengan lauk tahu dan tempe bacem ditemani teh manis atau wedang jahe sambil ngobrol santai. Aktifitas kongkow di warung HIK bisa dilakukan sambil duduk-duduk santai di kursi kayu atau gelar tikar sambil lesehan. Keberadaan warung HIK beserta aktifitasnya telah menjadi semacam life style dan fenomena malam hari masyarakat kota Solo khususnya, begitu pula di daerah Yogya, Klaten dan Semarang. Karena masing-masing daerah memiliki sebutan warung HIK yang berbeda-beda. Di Yogyakarta warung HIK dikenal dengan istilah warung Angkringan begitu pula di Klaten, sedangkan di Semarang dinamakan warung Kucingan. Dinamakan warung kucingan karena menu utama yang paling dinikmati adalah nasi kucing. Nasi kucing memang khasnya warung HIK. Disebut nasi kucing karena menunya terdiri dari nasi segenggam tangan orang dewasa dengan lauk secuil ikan bandeng dan sambal tomat. Namun biasanya jika tidak dengan lauk bandeng dan sambal tomat, menunya bisa juga dengan oseng. Khususnya di kalangan mahasiswa yang nota benenya sebagian besar anak kos, justru nasi kucing menjadi alternatif bagi mereka guna mendukung proses penghematan uang makan.
” Kalau bahan obrolan sih biasanya anak-anak yang nongkrong di sini tuh ngomongin tentang cewek atau cowok.”
tutur ibunda Cahyo, pemilik HIK Sinyo di belakang kampus UNS ketika berbincang-bincang dengan saya. HIK Sinyo memang menjadi tempat mangkal favorit bagi sebagian besar mahasiswa UNS. Karena seringnya para mahasiswa itu nongkrong di HIK Sinyo, maka Cahyo beserta ibu dan 2 orang adiknya menjadi sangat akrab dengan para mahasiswa itu dan selalu bisa tahu apa yang sering diobrolkan oleh mereka saat sedang kongkow. Berbeda lagi dengan suasana kongkow kalangan mahasiswa di warung HIK Kapal 2 yang bermarkas di depan kampus ISI. Wahyu sebagai salah satu mahasiswa ISI mengaku bahwa nongkrong di HIK bisa memunculkan inspirasi dalam benaknya untuk menulis lirik lagu. Karena Wahyu sendiri adalah seorang pegawai band juga. Kemarin ia dan teman nongkrongnya di HIK Kapal 2 yang menyebut diri mereka sebagai Genk Kapal, baru saja menggelar konser musik amal di halaman kampus ISI guna membantu korban banjir di daerah Solo dan sekitarnya. Ide menggelar konser amal itu muncul saat ia dan teman-temannya Genk Kapal sedang kongkow di warung HIK Kapal 2. berdasarkan pengakuan Wahyu ini membuktikan bahwa kegiatan kongkow di HIK bukan hanya sekedar membicarakan hal-hal sepele namun juga membicarakan hal-hal yang bermanfaat dan bernilai sosial.
Bagi kalangan pekerja kantoran, bahan obrolannya pun sudah berbeda dari kalangan mahasiswa. Biasanya para karyawan kantor yang turut nongkrong di HIK kerap membicarakan seputar pekerjaan mereka di kantor. Lain halnya dengan warga kampung di daerah Jl. Kabut belakang kampus UNS yang hampir tiap malam menggelar konferensi di HIK Rumah Putih yang terdiri dari Bapak-Bapak kepala rumah tangga, mereka lebih sering membicarakan berita sekitar kampung yang sedang hot.
” Oh iya mbak, kemarin waktu ada pencuri yang tertangkap basah saat mencoba mencuri barang milik anak kos, beritanya ramai dibicarakan. Begitupula waktu banjir besar kemarin.” tutur Ibu Ninuk, penjaga HIK Rumah Putih di Jl. Kabut. Dinamakan HIK Rumah Putih karena letaknya tepat di depan Rumah kuno yang besar dengan cat putih yang tak lain adalah tempat kos putri.
Beberapa hal tersebut di atas inilah yang menjadikan HIK sebagai singgahan sumber informasi dan inspirasi bagi para pembelinya. Sebagai sumber informasi, karena mereka para pembelinya dari berbagai kalangan masyarakat yang datang ke warung HIK untuk reuni atau sekedar nongkrong pastilah selalu membicarakan topik permasalahan dalam forumnya. Topik permasalahan itu biasanya berupa informasi, berita, permasalahan kantor bahkan sampai pada urusan pribadi. Sehingga para pembeli di HIK bisa melakukan kegiatan diskusi, mengadakan konferensi, nongkrong atau kongkow selama berjam-jam tanpa harus merogoh kantong banyak. Karena segala hidangan yang dijual di HIK tergolong sangat murah dan terjangkau oleh seluruh lapisan masyarakat. Mulai dari gorengan yang harganya 500 perak sampai sate usus ayam dan hati ayam yang harganya 600 dan 1200 perak per tusuknya.
HIK juga merupakan singgahan sumber inspirasi yang bisa menjadi bahan mentah para musisi muda untuk menulis syair lagu. Karena suasananya yang sangat unik dan khas yang membedakan dengan kafe-kafe atau tempat lubbing yang berkelas dan luxury lainnya. Inspirasi bisa muncul seketika di benak para pengunjung HIK ketika mereka sedang sharing saat kumpul bersama atau karena suasana keremangan di HIK disertai hingar bingar dan canda tawa pembeli yang sedang santai mengobrol sambil menyantap hidangan HIK di atas gelaran tikar, dan tentunya tanpa Alcohol. Saya sendiri sangat terpukau melihat kelihaian bartender HIK dalam meramu minuman dan menjamu pelanggan dengan senyum dan sapaan akrab yang membuat para pelanggan itu tidak segan-segan untuk datang lagi meski hanya sekedar menyapa dan berbincang-bincang dengan bartendernya. Sehingga hal tersebut menjadikan sebuah inspirasi yang nyata untuk diri pribadi dalam menghasilkan sebuah karya dan kreatifitas.
Sisi lain dari HIK adalah sebagai pusat informasi barang hilang seperti Hp pembeli yang tertinggal di warung, juga sebagai penunjuk arah bagi pendatang dari luar kota yang tidak mengerti arah jalan. Ibu Rosyid, pemilik HIK Kapal 2 mengaku sering kali mendapati pendatang baru yang sedang dalam perjalanan bertanya mengenai arah jalan. Selain itu juga, HIK berfungsi sebagai Pos Keamanan wilayah setempat secara tidak langsung. Itu karena periode operasi warung HIK yang dimulai pada waktu sore hari hingga menjelang subuh.
Namun dibalik kekhasan dan keakraban warung HIK, tersimpan butir-butir kepedihan yang tak bisa terelakkan. Berdasarkan hasil hunting(perburuan) wawancara dengan sejumlah warung HIK di belakang kampus UNS dan sekitar kampus ISI, ternyata sebagian besar warung-warung HIK yang terdapat di daerah tersebut dikelola oleh kaum proletar atau rakyat kecil. Sebut saja HIK Sinyo yang dikelola oleh seorang ibu dan 3 orang anaknya yang sudah selama 5 tahun menjalani profesi sebagai penjaga HIK(bartender). Ketiga anaknya terpaksa harus putus sekolah karena himpitan ekonomi. Sehingga anak-anaknya menghabiskan masa mudanya untuk ikut menjaga warung HIK bersama ibunda. Namun, mereka tetap merasa bahagia dalam menjalani takdir kehidupan mereka.
Yang lebih memprihatinkan lagi adalah pemberlakuan sistem pajak bagi warung-warung HIK yang beroperasi di sepanjang ruas jalan raya. Ibu Rosyid pemilik HIK Kapal 2 mengaku sangat keberatan dengan adanya 4 macam sistem pajak yang diberlakukan di HIK Kapal 2-nya. Pasalnya, Ibu Rosyid harus membayar 4 macam pajak tersebut totalnya sebesar Rp 96.000,00 per bulan dengan rincian sebagai berikut:
1. Pajak dari Pemerintah Balai Kota Solo sebesar Rp 1000,00 disetor per hari
2. Pajak dari Pemerintah Kecamatan sebesar Rp 400,00 dibayar per hari
3. Pajak dari Pihak Kampus ISI sebesar Rp 30.000,00 dibayar per bulan
4. Pajak dari Preman (tukang Parkir) sebesar Rp 6.000,00 dibayar per minggu
Sebutan preman dalam hal ini adalah petugas parkir yang dengan atas nama pemerintah Balai Kota mendapat ijin untuk turut menarik pajak pada warung-warung HIK yang beroperasi tiap hari. Namun meskipun demikian, Ibu Rosyid tetap tabah dalam menjalani kendala pajak yang menimpa usaha warung HIK-nya. Dengan laba sebesar Rp 25.000,00 hingga RP 50.000,00 per hari, Ibu Rosyid juga berhasil menyekolahkan ketiga anaknya yang masing-masing duduk di bangku SD, SMP dan SMA. Biasanya anak-anak Ibu Rosyid juga ikut membantu menjaga warung HIK Kapal 2 secara bergantian.
Dalam benaknya, Ibu Rosyid berharap agar pemberlakuan pajak dari Pemerintah Kota dan Kecamatan juga dari para preman serta pihak kampus, tidak semakin tinggi tarifnya, kalaupun memungkinkan lebih baik diturunkan. Karena biar bagaimanapun juga Ibu Rosyid juga menyadari bahwa sebagai warga negara yang baik juga harus bersedia membayar pajak
Bila ditinjau lebih dalam, pemberlakuan pajak restoran yang sesuai dengan Perda No.6 tahun 1998 terhadap warung makan kaki lima, kafe tenda dan HIK oleh pemerintah kota Solo memang terkesan tidak adil dan memberatkan objek pajak. Pasalnya pemilik warung makan kaki lima, kafe tenda dan HIK tidak mempunyai pembukuan keuangan serapih pengusaha restoran. Oleh karena itu sebaiknya pemerintah daerah setempat hendaknya lebih mempertimbangkan lagi pemberlakuan pajak restoran terhadap warung makan kaki lima, kafe tenda dan HIK.
Keberadaan warung HIK secara tidak langsung telah membawa pengaruh yang cukup signifikan bagi gaya hidup masyarakat sekitarnya. Karena kekhasan hidangannya, keekonomisannya, kenyamanan dan keakraban suasananya telah menarik perhatian masyarakat untuk mampir mencicipi hidangan istimewa kampung dan bersosialisai sejenak menjalin hubungan kekerabatan antar sesama melalui kegiatan nongkrong/kongkow, reuni serta konferensi untuk saling berbagi informasi, inspirasi serta toleransi tanpa memandang strata dan kedudukan.
Karena itulah, kelestarian dalam kekhasan Istimewa Kampung warung HIK sebagai perantara sekaligus media informasi serta sumber inspirasi dan media sosialisasi masyarakat, sudah selayaknya untuk dipertahankan eksistensinya. Itulah mengapa terselip kata Kampung pada kepanjangan HIK, hal ini lebih dikarenakan kampung adalah suatu habitat bagi komunitas masyarakat yang hidup berdampingan, saling menolong, tepo seliro dan menghargai satu sama lain. Warung HIK juga secara tidak langsung menjadikan lingkungan kota besar dengan latar belakang kehidupan masyarakat kampung yang bersatu, hidup rukun, aman sentosa tanpa adanya gap dan perpecahan serta berwawasan luas dan penuh inspirasi-inspirasi brilian untuk kemajuan bangsa Indonesia.

Hasil wawancara dengan pedagang warung HIK daerah belakang kampus UNS, Solo dan depan kampus ISI, Solo.

Think back and feel it

Why there must be a war in Gaza? Why world just keep in silent? Even the country known as World’s Top Military Power has no power to blame the wrong one……Can you imagine how hurts they, million people in Gaza facing great sorrow of loosing their home, school, and family. . . . .Think Back and Feel it…

Night after night women and children murdered and massacred by Israeli armies… with no mercy and inhumanity…. They came with full of anger and high desire of killing people….hundreds tanks, planes, even cluster munitions are dropped like acid rain in Gaza… This is real guys…. It is really happened there…just open your eyes try to not pretending that you’ve heard and seen it…even just praying and addressing your sympathy through action of boycotts and long march….

So, Think Back and Feel it guys…… Start your contribution from now on for helping our brother in Palestine. Save their future….

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